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Emfit Epilepsy Alarm

Emfits tonic-clonic seizure monitor is used for detecting & notifying a caregiver if the person with epilepsy experiences a tonic-clonic seizure.

It also monitors an individual’s presence in bed and will give notification if the person leaves the bed or does not return to the bed within a certain amount of time.

The Emfit Tonic-Clonic Seizure Monitor Alarm

This bed sensor system is designed to detect micro-movements associated with tonic-clonic seizures. A large thin sensor mat is placed under the user’s mattress and will detect when a person has continued abnormal movements over a pre-set period of time and then raises an alert.

The Emfit Control Unit has a built-in audible alarm that will sound during a seizure which is ideal where a carer or parent is in the same room. You can also connect a pager or careline alarm to the Emfit epilepsy bed sensor. 


Key features

  • Detects tonic-clonic seizures
  • Ideal for nursing home or residential use
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Can be used as a bed occupancy sensor
  • Six months of failure back-up
  • Compatible with nurse call systems
  • Easy set-up
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Seizure bed sensor

Tonic-Clonic Seizure Monitor Alarm

The Emfit tonic-clonic seizure monitor consists of two main components: a flexible & durable bed sensor placed under the mattress & a bed side control monitor with sophisticated software. Together, they detect the micro-movements of a person lying on the bed – even heart beat and breathing and the faster movements such as muscle spasms when a person has a tonic-clonic seizure.

The bed sensor does not have a weight limitation, it is suitable for adults & children.

Important Notes

EMIT Epileptic Seizure Alarm is class 1 medical device. It has been tested and is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. The sensor is completely safe it has no imbedded wires or power passing through it and complies with the TGA certification standards.


The monitor is not diagnostic tool; it merely senses body movement that is typical of a Tonic Clonic seizure. The monitor will not recognize absence or any other type of seizure.


The mat should be positioned at chest height, below the mattress or below a mattress topper. It should not be in direct contact with the bed occupant and should not be covered merely by a sheet.

Bed Types

Firm base is required to allow  the sensor pad to sit on securely. Slat beds are not suitable. Adjustable (articulated) beds can be used provided the sensor is not across a hinged area and is under the occupant’s chest.


Clean the sensor, cables and Controller with a damp cloth, neutral cleaning agent or a mild disinfectant. Always disconnect power and any Nurse Call cables before cleaning.


The system should be tested on installation and then at least weekly. Ensure the system is powered and the tap the mattress (or mattress topper) above the senor in a rhythmic fashion, rather like you would pat a small dog . After 13 seconds or tapping, the alarm should sound. (or after whatever time delay has been set.)

Emfit Tonic- Clonic Seizure Monitor is designed for detecting tonic-clonic siezures of a sleeping person. Patented sensor technology detects when a person has continued abnormal movements over a pre-set amount of time, and triggers a notification.

This seizure monitor consists of a under mattress bed sensor and a monitor unit. The sensor pad is placed under the mattress and it detects even the slightest movements of the person lying above it. When a person has faster and longer continued movements caused by tonic-clonic seizure, the notification is triggered. System can also notice light movements, thus making it equally suitable for children. 

For short-distance notifications the monitor has a sound alarm with adjustable volume. It can also interface with radio transmitters and nurse-call system with the included dry-contact output. If the audible distance is an issue, a simple baby monitor installed next to the device relaying to the carers area may suffice in place of radio transmitters or pagers.

The monitor can be placed to the bed-head or mounted on the wall using the included fastening brackets.

It can also give notification when a person leaves the bed and there are no more micro-movements caused by vital signs. This can be especially useful for those who have a tendency to wander.

Operates with 2pcs 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries. Comes with medical grade AC adapter.


Medical device is class 1.

Epilepsy Seizure Alarm

Emfit FAQ

The Emfit monitor is designed to work with divan style beds. This would include sprung mattresses as well as memory foam and extra deep mattresses.
The Emfit bed sensor will work as long as its placed in the area where the individual mainly sleeps. If they are inclined to move during the night we recommend considering a second Emfit sensor.
The Emfit monitor is placed under your mattress. If the base of your bed is made up of slats we recommend placing a piece of plywood under the mattress to ensure a continuous flat surface for the sensor.
False alarms may occasionally occur if the bed exit function is active. False alarms can also be triggered if someone is particularly restless when using the Emfit seizure monitor. This can be minimised by ensuring the sensitivity is set correctly. You can also set a delay from 10 to 20 seconds before the alarm activates when it detects fast movement. False alarms will also go off if the Emfit detects 2 heartbeats - like 2 people sitting on the bed at the same time.
Yes, but refer to manufacturers guide for transportation advice.
12 months from the time of purchase

Control Unit




127 x 96 x 94 (LxWxD)

Power source

5 V DC

Input/output connectors

Power, sensor and auxiliary

Status indicators

Green, blue and red LEDs


Wall bracket included

Alarm delay

Faster movements thresholds delay adjustable 10, 13, 16 or 20 seconds


Under Mattress Sensor




580 x 400 x 0.4mm (LxWxD)

Connecting cable length


User weight limit